Sep 132010

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The idea of tacking a cover onto an album as a hidden bonus is a good one. We’ve already seen Scottish singer Amy MacDonald do it with a folksy “Dancing in the Dark.” Now, in a much more raucous vein, Killola does the same with “Mickey” (also known as “Hey Mickey” also known as “the cheerleader video song”). Their version is, if anything, even more high-energy that Toni Basil’s original. Just listen to pixie singer Lisa Rieffel’s throat-shredding shriek at the beginning.

The track comes at the end of the L.A. quartet’s just-released album Let’s Get Associated. Though led by a former King of Queens sitcom star and Legally Blonde soundtrack-er, the band has produced as hilariously vulgar an album as you’re likely to find this year. “She’s a Bitch” ruminates on a friend’s boob job while “1-2-3-4” includes the did-she-really-say-that diss “I wish your mama never second-guessed her abortion.” Yikes! Then of course there’s “I Wanna See Your Dick,” which pretty much speaks for itself. Continue reading »