Jan 252013

A.V. Undercover from the A.V. Club has a very simple equation: 25 songs+25 artists= 25 unique covers. As each band enters the studio they choose from the remaining songs, covering them faithfully, or more often, creatively. The results speak for themselves over the years, from GWAR being stuck with Kansas‘ “Carry on My Wayward Son,” to Iron & Wine‘s version of George Michael‘s “One More Try,” to They Might Be Giants including the staff of the A.V. Club to join in on Chumbawamba‘s “Tubthumping.” Continue reading »

Oct 112012

The AV Club in Chicago admits to catching flack every now and then for only featuring “small indie bands.”  These small indie bands usually have a fun time in the AV Sessions (we just saw Calexico do Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone“) but no one will ever be able to top alt-metal monsters GWAR and their take on Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son.” Continue reading »