Apr 112011

Limp Bizkit has ceased to be a band and fully evolved into a punchline. Sure, we all dug their cover of George Michael’s “Faith” when it was all over the radio in the late ‘90s. Some of us even followed them for a little longer, when Fred Durst was kickin’ it with Method Man. But at some point Fred Durst wasn’t kickin’ it with much of anyone and the band became synonymous with immaturity and the ills of mainstream hard rock. Continue reading »

Feb 092011

Swedish electro-pop artist Robyn had a banner year in 2010, releasing Body Talk Pts. 1 & 2 and Body Talk, a compilation of the first two with five extra tracks. She looks poised to have an even better year in 2011, what with slots in both the Coachella and Sasquatch lineups and a gig opening for none other than Katy Perry. Surely Lollapalooza organizers have given her a call, too.

We’ve featured her here in the past on both sides of the cover equation, and now Joywave wades in with their cover of the superb “Hang With Me.” They slow the track down to a snail’s pace, throw in some backwards vocals and apply an electro-Wall of Sound. Surprisingly, their presentation only serves to accentuate the beauty of the melody, although you may find dancing to this version a bit of a challenge. Download the track below. Continue reading »