Dec 142011

As you are surely aware, all week we are meticulously counting down the Best Cover Songs of 2011. While we do that list, though, other publications have been putting out their own best songs list. There is no firm consensus for #1, but we are seeing many of the same tracks pop up over and over again. So we tossed together a set of the best free covers of the best songs of the year. Continue reading »

Oct 182011

Frank Ocean may not be a huge R&B superstar now, but he likely will be soon. In addition to his recent collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West, Ocean’s got his budding solo career to brag about. This past May, he released “Novacane,” the lead single off his debut EP, Nostalgia, LITE. It’s a prime example of smooth R&B, especially with its head-bob-worthy beat and Ocean’s easy voice. But DJ and electronica soul musician Joyride shows us “Novacane” sounds just as good as a simple acoustic track. Continue reading »