Feb 072011

Every Wednesday (or Monday), our resident Gleek Eric Garneau gives his take on last night’s Glee covers.

Wow, what a game! Did you see the Green Bay Packers do all those things with the ball? But they just weren’t quite equal to the things which the Pittsburgh Steelers did, or maybe they were! What do you mean you don’t think I watched the Bowl? Those puppies were adorable!

Anyway. That most popular, prolific cover-creating machine in American culture known as Glee has returned with new episodes following a two month break. For their half-season kickoff, they scored the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot, which has traditionally led already-popular television programs to incredibly high ratings. It’d probably be an exaggeration to suggest that the eyes of the world were on Glee last night, but it’s fair to say that a whole lot of people were watching. Continue reading »

Sep 092010

Are you feeling nerdy? I don’t mean, “watch a little Star Trek” nerdy. I mean, “watch lots of Star Trek alone in your mom’s basement dressed in full Jean-Luc Picard circa Season 3 apparel” nerdy. I mean, “working on volume seven of your Dr. Leonard McCoy fan fiction anthology” nerdy. I mean, “stay up ‘til 4a.m. wondering how Klingons pee” nerdy.

Still with me? I’m sorry. You really should consider getting some fresh air. Until you do though, here’s a video to tide you over. It doesn’t get more meme-y than this. The occasion: Penny-Arcade Expo 2010, a gathering for those who find Comic-Con too trendy. The performers: “world’s 579th greatest rapper” MC Frontalot, Dr. Demento favs Paul & Storm, and über-geek songwriter Jonathan Coulton. The songs: Double Rainbow Song (which we’ve heard covered before) and the Bed Intruder Song. It’s really nerdy. And really fun. And really, really, really nerdy. Continue reading »