May 062011

We’ve heard plenty of covers by Alejandro Escovedo before. Here’s him covering Peter Case, Mott the Hoople, and Doug Sahm. Here’s him playing Bob Dylan’s “Dark Eyes.” Here’s him performing “Beast of Burden” with Bruce Springsteen. This, though, is the first cover of Alejandro Escovedo we’ve posted. It was worth the wait. Continue reading »

Oct 262010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Catch up on past installments here.

Songs don’t get much dirtier than the Stooges‘ “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Not dirty lyrically – no curse words here – but dirty sonically. The slimy three-chord riff crawls through the mud, ignoring any pretense of real melody. The low-down crunch of Ron Asheton’s guitar fits the self-loathing lyrics perfectly. A five year old could play the riff, but recreating the feeling would be a challenge indeed.

John Velghe doesn’t try. Instead, he strips away any hint of electricity, blending acoustic picking and chugging cello for a romantic duet. “I’d been performing this song live for almost a decade as the raucous rock anthem that it was originally,” he tells us. “Then one day I played it on my acoustic and this cover was born. Some will be offended, some will be pissed, but honestly, I think it’s one of the most gorgeous songs in music history no matter how it’s performed.” Continue reading »