Jul 262023

In Memoriam pays tribute to those who have left this world, and the songs they left us to remember them by.

sinead o'connor covers

When we do our monthly Best Covers Ever countdowns, paying tribute to different versions of a given artist’s songs, it’s fun to surprise people with something unexpected. But a couple months ago, when we counted down covers of Prince, it was only ever a race for number two. The best cover of Prince is, in this case, also the most famous. Most famous for a reason. I’m talking, of course, about Sinead O’Connor singing “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Here’s a bit of Seuras Og’s writeup from that list:

“Arguably a pretty slim item in the hands of its composer, O’Connor gave it a remarkable polish, inhabiting the lyric and bleeding out the meaning. OK, she had, and still has, the vocal chops to squeeze emotion into and out of almost anything, and this song is a masterclass in voice control, of volume and microphone technique. The video, especially as she sheds unprompted tears, clearly adds to the overall heft, but even without that visual, still the power is immense. Completeness also insists on showing how timeless her ownership of the song has been, with a live performance or two, decades apart, each as striking, in different ways, as the other.”

But Sinead O’Connor had a lot more to offer than just her one big hit—and that’s even just limiting ourselves to the covers world. Sure, she topped our Best Prince Covers list, but she also appeared on our Best Elton John Covers list, our Best ABBA Covers list, our Best Dolly Parton Covers list, our Best Nirvana Covers list. How’s that for range?
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Aug 202010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Catch up on past installments here.

“Do you expect me to talk?”
“No, Mr. Jesus. I expect you to die!”

Those opening James Bond-aping quotes (Who can name which movie? No cheating!) indicate the level of reverence brought to this Jesus Christ Superstar song. This shouldn’t be surprising. That’s the album it appears on above. The savior of all mankind is looking fiiine.

Yes, Jesus Christ Surferstar one of the stranger tributes out there. All 26 songs from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical, turned into Ventures-esq surf rock jams. As you might expect, it’s hit and miss, but the hits hit surprisingly hard. For instance, Atomic Mosquitos go all “Walk Don’t Run” on high priest Caiaphas’ showstopper “This Jesus Must Die.” Never has bloodlust been so danceable! Continue reading »