Sep 292023
best cover songs
Al Green — Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)

It’s been 15 years since the last Al Green album. Does “Perfect Day” signal the beginning of his comeback? Unclear — I thought so after his last single, another cover, and that was five years ago. But we can hope. “I loved Lou’s original ‘Perfect Day’—the song immediately puts you in a good mood,” Green explained. “We wanted to preserve that spirit, while adding our own sauce and style.” Continue reading »

Sep 282023
in this moment army of me

As In This Moment prepares for the release of their new album Godmode this October, they have been teasing us with Björk covers. This formidable force within the alternative sphere released a version of “The Purge” by Björk this past July, and more recently they made their into Las Vegas’s Hideout Recording Studio to cover “Army of Me.” Continue reading »