Sep 302020
cover songs september 2020
Amigo the Devil – Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood cover)

When we last heard Amigo the Devil, he was stripping down a Tom Jones song to create a haunting murder ballad. Now he does the same to another highly polished pop song – but a much more recent one. “[The original is] this very confidence-boosting, really good-feeling, power-infusing song,” Amigo’s Danny Kiranos told Rolling Stone. “I was curious what it would sound like if you took away the positive nature of it and kept the lyrics, essentially the emotions they are portraying.” Continue reading »

Apr 102020
new john prine covers

For our third edition of Quarantine Covers, we pay tribute to the man every musician is paying tribute to: John Prine. Artists, including many he worked with and mentored, have covered his songs since his tragic passing. And not just the hits, but songs from throughout his deep catalog. Here are some we caught – let us know of others in the comments.

Rest in Peace, John. Here’s hoping you finally got that nine-mile-long cigarette. Continue reading »

Mar 232020
quarantine covers

Many musicians, unable to go on the road, have taken to performing concerts in their home in the past week. Personally, I have spent a huge amount of time watching various these live streams. The performances have been moving and powerful, an unusually intimate way to see some of your favorite musicians.

Many such shows have included covers, songs that feel right to sing right now, like John Lennon’s “Isolation” or Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” So I decided to round up some of my favorites below.

Unfortunately, many live stream platforms don’t archive the content, so if you miss it live, it’s gone (another reason to watch these streams!). But plenty of great covers have remained online. Check ’em out below, and let us know in the comments what others we shouldn’t miss. Continue reading »

Oct 132011

We’ve been hearing a lot about Q magazine’s upcoming U2 tribute these past few days, but a rival British publication has their own tribute album out now. It’s MOJO, which pays tribute to George Harrison, who died 10 years ago next month, on the Harrison Covered album. It includes a few classic covers, but most of the tracks are new, and you can listen to ‘em below. Continue reading »

Sep 212010

According to the database, “Blowin’ in the Wind” has been covered 1,183 times. “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” hits 1,226. “All Along the Watchtower” racks up a blistering 1,570 covers! It’s a legitimate question whether the world ever needs another version of these. “Seven Curses,” on the other hand, has only been covered 35 times. That makes it about as obscure as Bob Dylan songs get. No surprise really; though recorded in 1963, it didn’t see release until a 1991 outtakes collection. It’s definitely a “message” song in the style of a traditional folk ballad, though hints of more ambitious poetry creep in.

Well, make that 36 covers. New Orleans indie trio Hurray for the Riff Raff perform a soaring finger-picked lament, lead singer Alynda Lee Segarra’s country-weepy vocals a perfect fit for the über-depressing tune. Stream and download it below. Continue reading »