Sep 292023
best cover songs
Al Green — Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)

It’s been 15 years since the last Al Green album. Does “Perfect Day” signal the beginning of his comeback? Unclear — I thought so after his last single, another cover, and that was five years ago. But we can hope. “I loved Lou’s original ‘Perfect Day’—the song immediately puts you in a good mood,” Green explained. “We wanted to preserve that spirit, while adding our own sauce and style.” Continue reading »

Jul 262019
elohim flagpole sitta

Los Angeles artist and producer Elohim just released the music video for their rendition of Harvey Danger’s 1997 classic “Flagpole Sitta” in collaboration with current alt-rock giants AWOLNATION. They take the classic indie-rock vibe and replace it with a laid-back tune that could belong in a piano bar (if that piano bar had a drum machine). The black and white video also reflects this lax nature, reminiscent of an old family home video.

“Aaron and I both grew up close to Malibu” said Elohim. “It was special to film on film in a place that means so much to both of us. To me this video is nostalgic and a perfect representation of California summer dreams. I hope that it will transport you to that beautiful carefree place.” Continue reading »

Jul 242012

Country rockers Deer Tick are no strangers to covers, performing at times as the Nirvana cover band Deervana. Recently they headed to the AV Club’s Undercover project to take on the only Harvey Danger song anyone knows, “Flagpole Sitta.” Lead singer John McCauley admits right away that he chose the song because he “fucking loved that song” when he was a kid. Most of America’s youth agreed when it hit the airwaves back in 1998; the catchiness of the simple tune is undeniable. Deer Tick’s faithful cover doesn’t reveal anything new about the hit, but it’s a fun listen nonetheless. Continue reading »