May 202013

Best (So Far) finds the finest first-round covers of the latest pop hits.

After Saturday Night Live ad teasers, cell phone captures of Coachella videos, and endless interviews with the album’s collaborators – including the pizza guyDaft Punk‘s Random Access Memories has finally arrived. An with it, hundreds of covers of the album’s first single “Get Lucky.”

We already heard Daughter’s mesmerizing take. Now here are our five other favorites to date. Continue reading »

Feb 182011

As serious discussion about the new Radiohead album consumes the Internet, we’ll give you an analytical-breather with some straight-up ridiculousness. It’s theater-rock duo Hank and Cupcakes covering Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” with a lot of flair and not much shame.

Frenetic as ever, Hank and Cupcakes delivers a wild drum-happy bounce during the always-nuts Our Hit Parade concert. Watch it below. Then, for extra hilarity, watch it on mute while playing the new Radiohead album. A perfect pairing! Continue reading »