Nov 292011

Corporate America seems to think Halloween signals the time to break out the holiday gift displays and light the enormous mall trees, but the rest of us know the rules: no Christmas lights until after Thanksgiving meal (don’t argue, this is the rule). So, despite some early reporting we did over the last month, the Christmas season has officially started and the covers are rolling in. This week we’ve got a couple of classic songs done in traditional ways. Continue reading »

Nov 182011

Thanksgiving is still a week away, but Christmas songs and albums have already begun swamping the shelves. You’ve got your usual holiday shlockfest from industry heavy-hitters like Justin Bieber and Michael Bublé, but there are a lot of indie acts and label comps floating around too. We’ll have several more Christmas-cover rundowns as the holiday season approaches, but today we’re just tossing together some of the early Christmas covers we’ve come across so far. Continue reading »