Feb 232023
francesca blanchard wicked game cover

Chris Isaak’s most-iconic and most-covered song, “Wicked Game” can be a bit of a challenge for some cover artists. Isaak’s definitive, inimitable, swoony croony vocal is a tough feat for most singers, both in terms of the range and in terms of his twang.

The smart artists don’t try to copy him. Los Angeles-based singer Francesca Blanchard, who we last saw covering Dido, is not trying to imitate Isaak on her new cover of “Wicked Game.” She doesn’t avoid the challenges of the song so much as she makes the vocal her own. Continue reading »

Nov 302021
The Best Cover Songs of November
Barbaro – Believe (Cher cover)

Progressive bluegrass quartet Barbaro takes on a few obvious inspirations on their new EP Under the Covers. Gillian Welch’s “Dark Turn of Mind,” makes sense. Wilco’s “Jesus Etc,” sure. But the other two tunes venture a little further afield. Sheryl Crow’s pop hit “If It Makes You Happy” makes for a jaunty fiddle and banjo number, as does, surprisingly, Cher’s “Believe.” Continue reading »