Apr 032023
best cover songs of march 2023
Bria – When You Know Why You’re Happy (Mary Margaret O’Hara’ cover)

Bria’s “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” made our list of the Best Covers of 2022. The track was a sneak peak at her covers EP Cuntry Covers Vol. 2, and the full thing dropped a few weeks ago. It includes a wonderful version of this much more obscure song. Bria explains: “Mary Margaret O’Hara is a creative force and one of my favorite Canadian artists. I have been a huge fan of hers for quite some time and really wanted to try my hand at one of her songs for Vol. 2. She is a real queen of vocal improvisation. It’s a trait of hers that I’ve always admired, so I really wanted to explore that when recording this cover. The video for this track is special to us, a sort of collage of memory; fragmented footage of summer taken over the last two years is dispersed throughout shots of a vast winter scene, filmed while we finished the record up North with our live band.” Continue reading »

Mar 022023
forty feet tall shout cover

“Shout” is the hit that broke Tears for Fears in the US, as part of the “Second British Invasion,” and it remains one of their biggest songs. Like so much of Tears for Fears’ oeuvre, the song is really tied to its aesthetic, which saw the band mixing synthpop and rock music.

Forty Feet Tall are a Portland, OR-based post-punk-influenced rock band who have been putting out music for about a decade. So they’re into the music that was all over the UK underground a little bit before Tears for Fears made it big. Continue reading »