Dec 192013

I’m not sure there were more great cover songs this year than any other. But there were more good ones.

What I mean by that is, the average quality of the covers we come across in the time we’ve been around has risen, rather dramatically. Whether they’re iTunes homepage singles or some guy emailing us his Bandcamp, more cover songs in 2013 avoid the old pitfalls than ever before. They don’t sound like they were recorded in a cereal box, substitute ear-bleeding volume for actual creativity, or – the worst cover sin of all – try to carbon-copying the original. With the ease of production and distribution available now, artists seemed to record covers only when they felt they had something to add, and do a halfway decent job committing those ideas to 1s and 0s. Continue reading »

Jul 162013

It’s been over six months since we have seen a Lady Gaga cover here on Cover Me, and Folly and the Hunter must have realized that is simply not OK when they decided to perform this cover. OK, maybe the cover was recorded as a thank you to one of the band’s indiegogo contributors, but we still at Cover Me are very grateful. Continue reading »

Feb 102012

“Life Is a Highway,” one of Tom Cochrane’s best-known songs, has been a road-trip mixtape staple since its release back in 1990. Its upbeat, catchy chorus invites even the worst singers to belt along to the lyrics, and, recently, it caught the ears of Canadian indie folk band Folly and the Hunter. Continue reading »

Jul 072011

Stateside readers probably spent this past weekend lighting fireworks and chomping barbeque for Independence Day, but, as you probably know, our friends up north had a different holiday: Canada Day! To celebrate, one Nova Scotia blog curated a free new tribute album to Gordon Lightfoot, one of the country’s national treasures. Continue reading »