Oct 292010

You’ve probably seen our birthday tributes to the likes of Tom Petty, Snoop Dogg, and Madonna. Well, today, they say it’s our birthday. We’re gonna have a good time. In fact, we’ve already begun celebrating. This morning we enjoyed a Schoolhouse Rock Song of the Day. We offered up a new vinyl giveaway. We even re-posted our very first post (covers of songs off John Wesley Harding). But this is the big one.

We contacted a bunch of artists we’ve worked with in the past – terrifically talented folk who have all played a role in Cover Me’s history. We asked them to record birthday-themed cover songs for a special three-year celebration album. Find the fruits of their labor below. Eleven brand-new covers of birthday songs both famous (“It’s My Party”) and obscure (“Birthday Boy”), all recorded just for the occasion. You can download high-quality MP3s individually below or the full set (plus a bonus track!) way down at the bottom. Each artist shared their thoughts on the song they chose, so be sure to read those. Continue reading »

Jul 232010

Under the Radar shines a light on lesser-known cover artists. If you’re not listening to these folks, you should. Catch up on past installments here.

Bands are a dime a dozen in the Big Apple, but edibleRed has a special claim to fame: they’ve been on the fantastic TV show Cash Cab! Can Lady Gaga say that?

Now their Cash Cab appearance (which you can watch here) isn’t strictly relevant to their music, but it does tell you this crew has a knack for being on camera. This fact is confirmed in music videos for three covers. The radio-ready rocker “Hey Ya” goes from domestic bliss to plate-smashing in a matter of minutes, “Straight Up” journeys into a seedy burlesque basement for some dark dance-grind with DJ Peter Shalvoy, and the churning “Blister in the Sun” shows just how far a few MacBook effects can go. Continue reading »