Mar 312020

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best cover songs march 2020
Adam Green – All Hell Breaks Loose (Misfits cover)

Misfits go mariachi! Adam Green, best known as one half of the Moldy Peaches, plays “All Hell Breaks Loose” like it was “Ring of Fire.” He writes: “In The Misfits and in his glorious solo work, Danzig bridged punk and metal with the blue-eyed soul music of the mid-1960’s like The Righteous Brothers and The Walker Brothers. I’d had an idea for a while to do a Scott Walker / John Franz style production at punk speeds, and the Misfits song ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ seemed like the perfect vessel for the experiment.” Continue reading »

Sep 232019

‘The Best Ever’ series counts down our favorite covers of great artists.

bruce springsteen covers

To quote a Bruce song, this list has been a long time comin’. After all, twelve years ago we borrowed one of his song titles to name this site (a song that, surprisingly, doesn’t actually get covered very often). And over those twelve years, we’ve posted hundreds, maybe thousands, of Bruce covers: “Full Albums” tributes to Born in the U.S.A., Darkness at the Edge of Town, and Tunnel of Love; tributes to the tributes, honoring several classic Boss tribute records; a spotlight on the best “Born to Run” covers; and a million news posts. It’s time to pull it all together.

Appropriately enough for a man whose concerts routinely top three hours, this list is long. Fifty covers long, and even then we still found ourselves left with dozens of killer bonus tracks for our Patreon supporters. The hits are all here, of course, but Bruce’s catalog runs deep. This list includes many covers of lesser-known cuts and more recent songs – even one from his just-released solo album Western Stars. Though he turns 70 today, the man is not slowing down, and neither are the artists paying tribute to him. As Bruce famously sang, he learned more from a three-minute record than ever learned in school. Well, here are fifty artists who learned something from his three-minute records.

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Mar 282011

Celtic punk paragons Dropkick Murphys have spent the last month or so on the road in support of their new album Going out in Style. That title seems to sum up how they look at the American leg of their tour, as they had a pretty special surprise in wait for fans who attended their second-to-last public date in the States at Boston’s House of Blues on March 18. Not only did they use the occasion to debut live their new cover of the 1900s Broadway tune “Peg O’ My Heart,” but they brought guest singer Bruce Springsteen along to recreate the album duet for lucky fans in attendance. Continue reading »

Feb 252011

Here’s one we’ve been eagerly anticipating! It’s the Dropkick Murphys covering 1913 ballad “Peg o’ My Heart.” As if that wasn’t enough, they’re joined by a special guest: Bruce Springsteen. The cut comes from their Going Out in Style album (out Tuesday). Originally from the 1900s Broadway series Ziegfield Follies, this one sounds exactly like you’d want Dropkick and the Boss to sound. Raise those steins high and listen below. Continue reading »