Sep 092010

Are you feeling nerdy? I don’t mean, “watch a little Star Trek” nerdy. I mean, “watch lots of Star Trek alone in your mom’s basement dressed in full Jean-Luc Picard circa Season 3 apparel” nerdy. I mean, “working on volume seven of your Dr. Leonard McCoy fan fiction anthology” nerdy. I mean, “stay up ‘til 4a.m. wondering how Klingons pee” nerdy.

Still with me? I’m sorry. You really should consider getting some fresh air. Until you do though, here’s a video to tide you over. It doesn’t get more meme-y than this. The occasion: Penny-Arcade Expo 2010, a gathering for those who find Comic-Con too trendy. The performers: “world’s 579th greatest rapper” MC Frontalot, Dr. Demento favs Paul & Storm, and über-geek songwriter Jonathan Coulton. The songs: Double Rainbow Song (which we’ve heard covered before) and the Bed Intruder Song. It’s really nerdy. And really fun. And really, really, really nerdy. Continue reading »