Aug 312022
Eddie Vedder – Long Shadow (Joe Strummer cover)

This month, Joe Strummer would have turned 70. In a few weeks, Dark Horse Records will release the compilation Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years. To promote it, director Lance Bangs filmed a video of Eddie Vedder covering the posthumously-released Mescaleros track “Long Shadow.” It’s a simple fireside performance, similar to Vedder buddy Neil Young’s lockdown videos, and hopefully will bring more attention to a lesser known non-Clash track from the Strummer catalog. Continue reading »

Aug 262022
deer scout suspended

It’s been a big summer for Kate Bush covers. More specifically, it’s been a big summer for covers of one Kate Bush song: “Running Up That Hill,” made viral by its prominent usage in Stranger Things. As Hope Silverman noted in her recent Hounds of Love feature, there’s a lot more to the Bush ouvre than this massive four-decades-delayed hit though. UK listeners have long known this, of course, but she’s been largely relegated to “cult act” in America (it’s probably why she keeps losing votes to get her in the Rock Hall). Continue reading »