Jan 052012

Last October, Chris Isaak released his excellent Sun Studios cover album (read our review) and he’s still promoting it in the new year. Last night he hit Conan for a performance, joined by O’Brien himself on guitar. The band performed a jumping take on Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” with Conan in a vintage nudie suit. Continue reading »

Nov 012011

Last night had a full slate of special TV covers. We’ve already seen the Flaming Lips warp the Beatles on MTV and Amanda Palmer and friends do their take on Rocky Horror on Ferguson. Not to be outdone, Conan offered its own special cover: Reggie Watts doing Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town.” Continue reading »

Nov 092010

Jack White returned to [Insert Show Title Here] with Conan O’Brien last night for the umpteenth time. He didn’t bring the White Stripes, Raconteurs, or Dead Weather along this time though. Instead, he brought his ace in the hole: Conan O’Brien. Backed by Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, White and O’Brien rocked Conan’s first night out with a reprise of “20 Flight Rock.”

The pair first performed the song at White’s Third Man Records over the summer, jamming out the Eddie Cochran tune with horns and plenty of soloing. Last night the reprise featured snappier dressing, but the same dirty guitar work. Seeing Jack front a swinging big band was…different. If his raw blues doesn’t entirely work with their über-polished swing, well, it was a fun night regardless. Watch it, along with the subsequent O’Brien-White interview, below. Continue reading »

Nov 082010

Last week we welcomed Lil Wayne back from jail. As soul revivalist Mayer Hawthorne tweeted, “Conan coming back > Weezy coming back.” Agree or not, as of 11pm tonight, we’ll have ‘em both. Conan O’Brien’s new show Conan hits TBS and, after the crazy promotion the station has been doing (you gotta watch this video), it better be good.

As the youngest, hippest late night show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien always featured better music than Leno/Letterman. With Jimmy Fallon recruiting the Roots, though, O’Brien finds himself with more music-cred competition. He starts his comeback strong by bringing back Jack White for the 876th time tonight. The two first met at a Detroit bowling alley when Jack White was still John Gillis and have been buddies ever since. Jack has appeared on various Conan-helmed shows ever since, even briefly reuniting the White Stripes for the Late Night sendoff in 2009. Continue reading »