Aug 312023
Amanda Palmer and The Righteous Babes — The Last Day of our Acquaintance (Sinéad O’Connor cover)

You’re going to notice a theme here. We have the usual grab-bag included below (see “Best of the Rest”), but, for our featured covers up top, it’s all Sinéad. There were so many wonderful tributes performed, often in concert and always powerful and moving. Many did “Nothing Compares 2 U,” technically a Prince cover but really a Sinéad song now and forever, but others selected from elsewhere in her catalog. Of this one, which just came out Tuesday, Amanda Palmer wrote, “This song means a great deal to me, as does the artist who penned it, along with everything she still stands for.” A portion of the money from sales will be donated to The Irish Women’s Survivor Support Network. Continue reading »

Aug 072023
cole gallagher

There are deep cuts, and then there are deep cuts. Sure, if you’re gonna pick a Bruce Springsteen song, “Wages of Sin” is a lot less obvious than “Glory Days.” But “Wages of Sin” is practically a greatest hit compared to the tune Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Cole Gallagher dug up. It’s called “Sugarland.” A press release claims this is the first-ever cover of the tune—not many Springsteen songs you could say that about—and I can’t find much to disprove it. Well, aside from an 11-year old YouTube video with 188 views, but the release does say this is the first “official” cover. Certainly the only cover, or the only version period, you can stream on Spotify. Continue reading »