Jan 102012

For many fans of Pixies, it is Black Francis’ vocals that make the alternative group’s music so powerful. Tackling anything by the alternative powerhouse can be daunting. Jason Drake, who goes under the moniker Cassettes Won’t Listen, takes the challenge and manages to make the raw emotion of the original his own. Continue reading »

Oct 182011

Last week, William Shatner covered Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth.” Keeping the theme of earth-themed Le Bon & Co. songs, Brooklyn electro-rocker Cassettes Won’t Listen (Jason Drake) delivers a take on “Ordinary World.” His take flirts with chillwave and ambient, without losing the memorable melody (and a dreamy guitar solo). Continue reading »

Nov 292010

You all submit so many great covers it’s hard to keep up. When we fall behind, we gather the best and brightest in a Submission Roundup.

Thanksgiving may be over, but today we want to thank all the artists who submit their music. You guys send too many covers to keep up with, so we like to round up some of our favorites before the tunes fall by the wayside. Download all the great November covers we didn’t get a chance to post about earlier!

Do you have something to submit? Send it along here! Continue reading »