Sep 022011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Bad news first: We didn’t find any good covers for this post. We did, however, discover five great covers (and a bunch of mediocre-to-terrible ones). No middle ground this week. So while the average quality of everything we heard was lower than usual, our cherry-picked set may be one of our all-time favorites. Funny how it works like that sometimes. Continue reading »

Aug 122011

For the last few years, the folks at Cokemachineglow have marked the end of the year with a Fantasy Covers Podcast. In the latest edition, they give the Podcast a twist by making it a contest– they encouraged artists to submit covers that “re-contextualize” a track with an unexpected new genre. As they predicted, the results are both strange, creative, and occasionally hit-or-miss, but the overall result is a set of imaginative covers with some terrific standouts. Unfortunately the Podcast format means that the 13 covers are only available in one massive file, but it’s one worth downloading. Continue reading »

Nov 152010

Despite her folksy leanings, Nicole Atkins has a wild side when it comes to covers. In 2004, while playing a residency in her native Jersey, she got so sick of the constant Springsteen/Bon Jovi requests that one night a trashed Atkins performed a very irreverent “Livin’ on a Prayer.” She was not asked back.

Thankfully, her venture into krautrock sounds far more sober. Airplane-hanger drums and B3 organ blasts propel her version of Can’s “Vitamin C.” Originally on 1972’s Ege Bamyasi, “Vitamin C” retains its slinky bass line and gains a new sexiness to match. Atkins’ cover comes off her new Vultures 7”, which you can pick up here. (via Stereogum) Continue reading »