Mar 222016


“Any time I take a cover and wear it on my sleeve, it’s because it had something good to do with my life and still marks a time in my life when I needed that song more than ever.” – Jeff Buckley

You and I is a posthumously released collection of ten songs (eight of which are covers) Jeff Buckley chose as a showcase for Columbia Records in 1993. They have lived in the vaults of Columbia Records for the past twenty-three years. Up until the point of these recordings, Buckley’s career was that of a cover artist, gradually working on his own material, performing often at venues in Lower Manhattan, such as Sin-é. Despite vast interest, Buckley was apprehensive about signing with a record label. Eventually he signed with Columbia and recorded what would be his only studio album, the otherworldly Grace, in 1994. An album David Bowie chose as a desert island album, an album whose release saw Bob Dylan knighting Buckley as  “one of the great song writers of this decade,” and an album that convinced Rolling Stone that Buckley was one of the greatest singers of all time.

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Jan 142011

We first heard G. Love and the Avett Brothers’ “Fixin’ to Die” collaboration last month, but today we bring it back with visual accompaniment. The new music video shows the band recording the old delta blues song in an old church with lots of stomping, old-timey harmonies, and stained-glass windows. It’s sparse, but you probably don’t want high production on a blues song about dying. Continue reading »

Dec 032010

G. Love has announced his fourth solo album, called, cheerfully, Fixin’ to Die. For this one he replaced his highly-regarded hip-hop collective Special Sauce with a decidedly rootsier group: the Avett Brothers. The pair not only produced the disc, but play the role of Love’s backup band. Recorded in a converted church, Love described the back-to-basics blues album as “the record behind all the other records.”

“It was an emotional recording session and I was truly blown away by the level of focus, care and passion Scott & Seth [Avett] brought to it,” G. Love said. “It was a tremendously positive and encouraging experience. This is the most inspired I’ve ever felt making a record.” Continue reading »