Jul 302015

Brains behind alt-folk act Former Belle and guitarist of Philadelphia-based indie-pop quartet CRUISR, Bruno Catrambone treats us to a hauntingly serene rendition of Broken Social Scene‘s “Lover’s Spit,” taken from their critically acclaimed You Forgot It In People (2002).

Operating under the alter ego Spirit Haus, a side project the Pennsylvanian musician started in 2014, Catrambone tackles the Canadian collective’s tune, delivering a delicate and mellow take on the song. Continue reading »

May 202011

Cover lovers around the world should feel indebted to the creators of the Voice Project. Week after week, this group of musically-inclined philanthropists brings musicians and fans together for the sake of song and charity and in doing so gives all of us a slew of wonderful covers to enjoy. We have already featured a number of the Voice Project’s finest covers, but feel inclined to continue the coverage since everything they drop is just that good. Continue reading »

Apr 292011

The Silent League has had over 25 members rotate through the group over the last seven years. If that reminds you of Broken Social Scene, you’re clearly not the only one. The Silent League and BSS both revolve around one core member (Justin Russo and Kevin Drew, respectively) while other members come and go. The connection shows itself musically as well, as displayed in the Silent League’s all-hands-on-deck pop cover of BSS’s “Texico Bitches.” Continue reading »

Mar 242011

“Young” is becoming an overused band prefix on the order of “Bear” and “Crystal.” Young the Giant; Young Rival; The Young Republic. Now Young Buffalo enter the ring. Try not to hold the double-whammy clichés of “Young” and “[Animal]” against them though. The two covers released so far show a bold Mississippi trio unafraid to stand on the shoulders of giants. Continue reading »

Jan 032011

Whistling may be all the rage in indie music these days (see: Andrew Bird), but you know what’s due for a comeback? Humming. Okay, I’m not sure humming was ever popular even by the same low standards we’re using for whistling, but this cover makes the case. After all, what other wordless vocalization both indicates that you feel “very well” and shows your “feelings of emptiness”? Thanks, nonsensical Wikipedia entry!

In the latest Voice Project video, the men of Joan As Police Woman hum through a reimagined version of Broken Social Scene’s “Lover’s Spit.” After a little a cappella work by the whole group, Joan Wasser takes charge, proving strikingly talented at belting it out while playing the violin. The rest of the band adds drumming to their humming. Though they lay back, she projects a symphony’s worth of power in her vocals (and violin solo). Continue reading »