Jun 212012

Not many Youtube stars can claim that Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Ellie Goulding have reposted their videos on their official websites. Brett Domino can. Domino, along with collaborator Steven Peavis, have been covering pop songs on Youtube over the past year or so and have garnered a lot of attention, so much that they are getting a little too big for the 13 inch Macbook Pro screen. The duo recently took their act to a fan’s living room for a fun rendition of Azealia Banks’ “212.” Continue reading »

Jul 132011

In a recent On the ‘Tube segment, we featured comedian and musician Brett Domino aka Rob J. Madin and turned you on to this Internet sensation with his viral videos covering popular hit songs. This time, instead of using one of the usual odd instruments like the keytar, stylophone, ukulele, theremin, recorder, or accordion that Domino has been know to use, we get a fun cover on the Skoog. The Skoog is a new instrument created by Skoogmusic and it’s pretty amazing. You play the Skoog by physically interacting with it. By pressing, squeezing, rubbing, stroking, tilting or manipulating the Skoog in different ways, you can control the different instrument sounds. The Skoog uses physical modeling, and not just sampling, midi or wavetables – variations in your touch directly affect the sound you produce. Every subtle gesture you make is converted into musical sound. Continue reading »

Apr 252011

YouTube is filled with amateur cover “artists.” Most stink. On the ‘Tube extracts the exceptions.

YouTube musician Brett Domino is a superstar. Yes, that guy up there with the glasses. Oh, you didn’t know? Well, let him be the first to tell you. “We do get a lot of attention now that we are hugely famous,” he tells Cover Me. “We’ve had poems written about us, pictures drawn of us, marriage proposals. I signed a lady’s bosom once after a gig in Bangor.” Brett’s collaborator, Steven Peavis, gets his fair share of groupies too. “Quite a lot of people seem to comment on the YouTube videos confessing that they have a crush on Steven,” says Domino. “I think it must be his strong nose.” Continue reading »

Dec 142010

Ah, Christmas time. Music fills the air, warming hearts with heartwarming stories of family, togetherness, and giving. Or, in some cases, brutal tales of drink and divorce. Yes, this holiday season, every time you think you can’t stand another treacley mall cover of “Silent Night” and “Deck the Halls,” play a new “Fairytale of New York.” That’ll put the cynicism back in your step!

Lord knows you’ve got plenty of versions to choose from. The Pogues’ depressing, beautifully inebriated duet with Kirsty MacColl has become a Christmas classic in its own right. This holiday season, the covers are already pouring in. Here are our three favorites. Continue reading »

Nov 082010
Brett Domino performs Nelly Furtado medley

A pen banging against a wine bottle; a box of candy; a handful of coins; an aerosol can; a shower nozzle. These are some of the more unusual sounds that populate Brett Domino‘s virtuoso cover medley of Nelly Furtado hits. Filling out the cast of eclectic instruments: a stylophone, an accordion, a ukulele, a kazoo, the mighty keytar, and even an iPhone xylophone. You’ve never heard Nelly Furtado quite like this!

Part Pomplamoose videosong, part Napoleon Dynamite celebration of geekiness, Brett Domino racked up millions of YouTube views with similarly geektastic covers of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. Last year, he and his trio appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, winning over the crowd and judges (minus a completely bewildered Simon Cowell). Don’t be fooled by the deadpan awkwardness on display; he’s got the musical chops too. Behind the Brett Domino persona lurks 27-year-old Rob J. Madin, a graduate in Music Production from Leeds College of Music. Continue reading »