Mar 202010

Cover News is a weekly feature keeping you up to date on the goings-on in the world of cover tunes, tribute albums, etc. Plus, at the bottom we post the array of cover tunes we’ve been sent in the past week. Have you recorded a cool cover? Send an mp3 to the address on the right! As always, follow Cover Me on Twitter for the latest news.

Cat Power

This Week’s News

Our latest Cover Commissions is in: two covers of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with a John Maus bonus! [Cover Me]

Garden on a Trampoline is collecting covers of songs from musicals. Just remember: the world doesn’t need another ironic High School Musical cover. [CLLCT]

The question isn’t “Why is Cat Power singing ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ to trees?” The question is “Why aren’t you?” [Pitchfork]

The AV Club at the Onion debuts the first in a 25-part cover series. First up: Ted Leo doing Tear for Fears. [The AV Club]

Beck’s Record Club 4.0 is off and running. The latest album: Kick by INXS. [Vimeo]

Lady Gaga gave “Telephone” a typically outrageous video. Pomplamoose gave it a typically sassy cover. [YouTube]

“Dark Eyes” is often labeled one of Bob Dylan’s most underrated songs. The Dirty Projectors apparently think so, though personally I’d give that prize to “When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky.” [Stereogum]

Jimmy Fallon announces a full week of Exile on Main Street covers on his show in May. He can’t say who the special guests are (but it’s Jagger and Richards). [Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]

Huey Lewis and the News are recording a Stax tribute album. No word on the track list, but you’re probably safe expecting some Otis. [Ardent Studios]

Glenn Beck is pro-American. Bruce Springsteen is anti-American. I bet they’d be best friends. [Media Matters]

This Week’s Submissions

Melissa Bel – Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers) [more]

John Dissed – Dancing in the Moonlight (Thin Lizzy) [more]

Electra – The Israelites (Desmond Dekker) [more]

G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos – Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag) [more]

G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos – Old Fashioned Morphine (Jolie Holland) [more]

G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos – Viper Drag (Fats Waller) [more]

Ruth Dolores Weiss – Ain’t No Cure for Love (Leonard Cohen) [more]

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