Apr 052011

Playing their brand of sunny garage-pop, Best Coast burst onto the indie scene with last year’s Crazy For You, thanks to significant pre-release buzz in the blogosphere. The buzz came courtesy of the excitement generated by the release of a couple of EPs and singles in 2009 – especially Make You Mine, which featured a cover of The Beach Boys’ “In My Room.” Now the folks over at Daytrotter have sifted through their archive and brought us a late 2009 session with Best Coast featuring said cover. Continue reading »

Feb 252011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

We’ve already posted on this biggest Bandcamp news this week: that free King of Limbs cover set. Even amidst the indie blog targeting, though, plenty more covers burbled under the surface. Here are the best, for whenever you get sick of Thom Yorke dancing. Continue reading »

Jan 262011

In a way, every song Best Coast performs is a cover. Not a cover of a specific song or artist, per se, but a cover of a genre left for dead decades ago. Their breezy beach-pop takes homage almost to the point of imitation, refreshing a sound not in vogue since Brian Wilson locked himself in his room. Continue reading »

Sep 062010

The twenty-first century has devalued the “song of the summer” concept something fierce. With listeners increasingly fractured into obscure niches, no song unites the culture the way the Beach Boys or Four Seasons did back in the day. Even if you hated those songs, they were a part of your summer experience. After all, loathing counts as an experience.

Speaking of loathing…“California Gurls.” If there was a song that dominated summer 2010, that was it. It’s a simple formula. Katy Perry + singing about chicks = summer smash. That wasn’t the only summer ‘010 hit though. There were the indie summer jams, of which we’ve got a couple, as well as the hits blaring from car radios. Even if you consider yourself above the Top 40, odds are you’ve heard these one way or another: over the supermarket PA, at a minor-league ball game, or from the crappy iPod speakers serenading the couple next to you at the beach. So while these may or may not have defined your personal summer, they come to as close to universal as it gets these days. You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape these songs.*

*Summer Song ’02 reference. Continue reading »