Apr 042022
benee god is a woman

For Australian radio station Triple J’s long running Like a Version segment, New Zealand singer-songwriter Benee provided a version of Ariana Grande’s hit “God is a Woman.” Some of Benee’s previous solo tracks have been upbeat and poppy affairs, so it was a brilliant choice to slow down this track into a more soulful sound. Continue reading »

Jul 142021
benee somebody that i used to know

Last week, Stereogum published a fascinating oral history of “Somebody That I Used to Know” for the song’s 10th anniversary. (Among other things, it answers the question “What ever happened to Gotye?” Turns out he’s been making rock albums with a different band!). Now New Zealand indie-pop singer Benee has covered the song for Amazon Music, saying “I resonate so strongly with the lyrics in this song. I wish that I had written it.” Continue reading »