Mar 292018

‘The Best Ever’ series counts down our favorite covers of great artists.

talking heads covers

Let’s start by defining our terms: This list concerns the best covers of the Talking Heads. Because the best covers by the Talking Heads is a very short list.

Here is that list, in its entirety: Continue reading »

Jul 272015

Long time friends Sam Beam (better known under his stage name Iron & Wine) and Ben Bridwell from Band Of Horses finally get around to fulfilling their longtime wish of collaborating on a covers album with the release of Sing Into My Mouth earlier this week. Continue reading »

Apr 282015

You know how during summer blockbuster season trailers for awesome movies being released in December are shown? Turns out Iron & Wine‘s Sam Beam and Band of Horses‘ Ben Bridwell decided to take a similar approach when teasing their upcoming covers album. Sing Into My Mouth, a joint effort in covers, is not being released until July 17th, but the two singer songwriters figured they would give us a taste three months early with two covers of Sade and Unicorn. Continue reading »

Sep 282011

Tyler Ramsey, best known as the lead guitarist for alt-rockers Band of Horses, released his third album of mellow solo acoustic tracks this week, entitled The Valley Wind. In anticipation of the release date, Tyler performed a chapel session for I Am Fuel You Are Friends, playing tracks from the record, including a cover of the modern pop standard “All Through The Night.” Written by Pittsburgh singer-songwriter Jules Shear, the song has already been covered by the likes of The Cars and, most famously, Cyndi Lauper on her 1984 debut. Lauper’s recording became a Top 10 single in May 1984, making it one of her most famous songs and even prompting an acoustic re-recording in 2005 that featured a bewildering rap verse from Shaggy. Continue reading »

Jun 092011

Band of Horses is a band praised for the utter beauty that they constantly bring to every song they craft. On many of their songs, like “No One’s Gonna Love You” (Best Cover of 2010), “Marry Song,” or even “Our Swords”, the band tackles heavy topics like love, loss and death with delicate words and effortlessly gorgeous music. Their song “The Funeral”, a tribute to the feeling of emptiness that comes with losing someone you love, is no exception: while the song starts out slow and sad, it finishes on a shining, hopeful note with heavy drums and guitars and a declaration of “and every occasion/I’ll be ready for the funeral.” Continue reading »

May 302011

They Say It’s Your Birthday celebrates an artist’s special day with other people singing his or her songs. Let others do the work for a while. Happy birthday!

Cee-Lo Green turns 37 today, and he has every reason to celebrate. The Atlanta-born singer, rapper, and producer has been everywhere the past year: taking over the radio with his ridiculously catchy single “Fuck You,” performing at the Grammys with a psychedelic peacock costume and backup from Gwyneth Paltrow, and, most recently, judging the hit NBC show The Voice. His birthday may fall on Memorial Day this year, but we’re not sure this guy ever takes a day off.

Countless artists, from Sara Bareilles to Pixie Lott to William Shatner have jumped aboard the Cee-Lo bandwagon with their own takes on “Fuck You” – just like what happened five years ago when Green’s Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy” climbed the charts. In honor of his birthday, Cover Me presents alternate renditions of Cee-Lo’s two biggest hits, along with three others from his solo career and his work in Gnarls Barkley. Continue reading »