May 082013

The word “supergroup” is thrown around when two or so well-known musicians band together to form a new group. Girl Crisis, which is made up of Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Spring, Class Actress’ Elizabeth Harper, TEEN’s Jane Herships, and many other talented ladies residing in New York City, should probably be referred to as a super SUPERgroup then, due to the sheer amount of talent squeezed into one tiny space. Literally. The women came together for their summer cover (which is always of a female artist; men are reserved for the winter) to take on the Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian.” Continue reading »

Sep 142011

These days, it seems like everybody loves to cover Ace of Base. It’s hard to say just what it is about those quintessentially early-’90s alt-pop Swedes that’s so delightfully coverable, but clearly something is. Maybe it’s nostalgia; maybe it’s the fact that their songs are just so damn catchy while remaining a little bit cynical; maybe it’s even Lady Gaga’s fault for shamelessly using their beats and bringing them straight back into the cultural subconscious. Continue reading »

Jun 292011

Sometimes it’s cool to take a classic song and use entirely new instruments to play it. Maybe they’re instruments that don’t necessarily fit together or fit with the original. It works…sometimes.

Using that approach, Au Revoir Simone’s cover of Don Henley‘s “The Boys of Summer” presents an interesting dichotomy. They kick it off with some very cool synth-organs, overlay those with a sweet ’80s electronic drum beat, and throw in a tambourine about halfway through. Disparate as the sounds are from one another, they fit together magically, like some crazy summertime electro Midnight Mass. Continue reading »

Feb 242011

Twice a year, the indie chicks of Girl Crisis sit down in a Brooklyn living room to perform a cover. In the summer months, they honor their gender with a song by a female songwriter. Last summer, for instance, they covered Taylor Dayn’s “Tell It to My Heart.” In the winter, they go for the guys. This winter: Ozzy Osbourne, with Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” Continue reading »