Sep 212011

Mark Kozelek, leader of now defunct ’90s group Red House Painters and the sole member of Sun Kil Moon, has made a name for himself as an excellent cover artist. From his entire album of Modest Mouse covers (which many reviewers initially thought was new material) to his heartfelt album of AC/DC covers, his haunting voice immediately reveals the sadness behind any song. Mark’s own material is even more dense and has an instantly recognizable quality to it. Perhaps that’s why there are so few covers of his songs. Continue reading »

May 092011

With only one full-length record and an EP under their belts, British trio The Joy Formidable have certainly garnered a lot of attention over the last couple of years. They deserve all the acclaim they get, producing catchy, intelligent indie pop. Certainly, they caught the ear of Brooklyn’s ARMS, who recorded a cover of “While the Flies” for a recent Record Store Day release. Continue reading »

Jan 182011

The world of somewhat under-the-radar pioneers has suffered devastating losses this past month. First the legendary Captain Beefheart passed in December. A few weeks later, Gerry Rafferty of “Baker Street” and “Stuck in the Middle with You” fame left us. Finally, just four days ago Trish Keenan, lead singer of indie electro-poppers Broadcast, died of pneumonia. Oof. Continue reading »