Dec 132011

There is an unwritten law that any and all children’s shows involving original song and dance are terrifying and creepy to anyone over the age of nine. The Wiggles is no exception. Formed in 1991, ABC Music recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the “undisputed legends of children’s entertainment” with a disc of covers of some of the group’s family-friendly tunes. Continue reading »

Jul 062011

Full Albums features covers of every track off a classic album. Got an idea for a future pick? Leave a note in the comments!

Imagine hitting your creative and artistic peak at the tender young age of 23 and then having your personal and professional life completely fall apart, with a descent into drug abuse and mental illness. Brian Wilson‘s life followed such a trajectory after the release of his masterpiece, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Written with almost no contribution from the rest of the band, Wilson recorded the album’s instrumental tracks while the boys were on tour in Asia without him. Continue reading »

Jul 052011

The name London Beat may not ring any bells, but if you were old enough to dance in 1991 you were shaking your booty to their #1 hit “I’ve Been Thinking About You.” Then the perfect accompaniment to a middle school dance or Friday night skate, the song has not really aged well, and most people probably haven’t thought about its instantly-recognizable riff in some time. Continue reading »