Jan 142014

Back in 2010, Anna Rose performed the Stooges “Gimme Danger” for the “Jam for Ron Asheton” honoring the recently-deceased Stooge with current band members Scott Asheton, Mike Watt and Steve Mackay. As these things generally are, the tribute night was somewhat of a karaoke-esq affair. In the subsequent years though, she stuck with the song, re-arranging it and fiddling with it to arrive at the version you hear below. She delivers the song like nightclub singer with a spaghetti western bent, like if Blue Velvet was set near the Alamo. Continue reading »

Jul 142011

Last we heard a “My Body Is a Cage” cover, Peter Gabriel was bringing his sweeping orchestral bombast to the Arcade Fire gem here. Now we have another version to compare it to. This one finds New York singer-songwriter Anna Rose bringing just as much passion with much less pomp. Her sparse cover showcases her effortlessly soulful singing and we’re proud to premiere it below. Continue reading »