Aug 272020

Back in April, Amber Mark launched a covers series cleverly called Covered-19 with a terrific cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” Well, it started as a covers series; she soon expanded Covered-19 into releasing all sorts of material. Covers did return in June with a version of Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations’ “My People.” And now, she wraps up the Covered-19 with a third and final cover. And the source material couldn’t be much more different than Nirvana and Kendricks. It’s Sisqo’s ubiquitous-in-1999 hit “Thong Song.” Continue reading »

Apr 302020

Check out the best covers of past months here.

best cover songs april 2020
Arlo Parks – Redondo Beach (Patti Smith cover)

I’ve wanted to do a “Full Albums” on Patti Smith’s Horses for years. But it, and she, gets covered less than you’d think. This beautiful piano “Redondo Beach” gets me one step closer. Though, admittedly, I already had Courtney Barnett’s recent cover for that slot. Someone cover “Break It Up” already! Continue reading »

Apr 132020
amber mark heart shaped box

“Heart-Shaped Box” is one of Nirvana’s most iconic songs, showcasing the band’s classic sense of dynamics from the verse to the chorus. Songwriter Kurt Cobain publicly claimed the song was inspired by documentaries of children with cancer. But the lyrics of the verses read more of a man caught in a romantic relationship that isn’t entirely positive, while the lyrics of the chorus could be interpreted as being about Cobain’s relationship with the media. Regardless of the meaning of the lyrics, the song does not come across as sexy. Continue reading »