May 012020

‘The Best Ever’ series counts down our favorite covers of great artists.

john prine covers

Are there any bad John Prine covers?

I mean, sure, there are bad covers of anyone worth covering. But it struck me going through the many candidates for this list that they mostly ranged from transcendent on the high end to pretty good on the low. “Pretty good” was about as bad as it got! I don’t think you could say that for anyone else we’ve featured in this series. Continue reading »

Apr 132020
adrienne lenker john prine

The outpouring of love being shown for poetic troubadour John Prine and his incredible, indelible songs has been overwhelming. Over the past two weeks, that love has manifested itself in many gorgeous, heartfelt covers. Seeing which songs are getting the spotlight, and who is providing it, has been fascinating. One of the most touching things has been hearing younger artists sharing their abiding love for Prine, a true testament to the timelessness of his songs and artistry. Continue reading »