Oct 042010

Is 3Oh!3 self-aware? They’re obviously terrible, but do they know they’re terrible? Are they being terrible intentionally? I mean, they are so blatantly awful you wonder if it’s all some meta-joke. Like, “Look at what drivel we can get on the charts. We’re not even pretending to try! Come on, America.”

3Oh!3 covers bring out the true crappiness of the songs (Exhibits A and B). They push the, ahem, “lyrics” to the fore. If Weird Al ever parodies 3Oh!3, he should stick with the original words. Maybe an all-3Oh!3 polka (though his current one is pretty good). Anyway, here’s Exhibit C. New wave piano chanteuse Marina and the Diamonds covered 3Oh!3’s “Starstrukk” – which there is no reason to spell like that – as a slow keys-and-bass torch song for Billboard’s “Mashup Mondays” series. Her ridiculous outfit (pictured above) indicates she’s in on the joke. Whatever the joke is. Continue reading »

Aug 192010

When we last checked in with the loveable eccentrics at Our Hit Parade, they were mashing together Pocahontas and Ke$ha and going hair-metal on Rihanna. Well they’re back with more crazy theatrics from their monthly performance of New York artists covering top-ten hits. The pop love is flowing and the results are stranger (and funnier) than ever.

First: Bradford Scobie and his sister sing Taio Cruz’s hit “Dynamite” as sassy schoolteachers. Oh no you didn’t dance, dance, dance, dance!
Then: Jeffrey & Cole Casserole web star Cole Escola goes all Little Orphan Annie on K’naan’s World Cup hit “Wavin’ Flag.” It’s the hard-knock life for Somalian refugees.
Third: Trapper Felides, who we last saw singing Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” return as a pirate gang reminiscing with 3Oh!3’s “My First Kiss.” The original features Ke$ha, for anyone whose first kiss gave them herpes.
Next: Don’t worry K.P. fans – “California Gurls” returns from southern rockers .357 Lover. Less cotton candy, more rye whiskey.
Finally: Jenn Harris dresses up as a giant bat for Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed.” Still less creepy than the jailbait original! Continue reading »

Jun 282010

Just like we did for Bonnaroo, we’re rounding up the covers performed at this year’s Glastonbury. A strange mix to be sure. Florence and the Machine performs her “favorite song of all time” for what she claims will be a one-time-only cover; Stevie Wonder honors the anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s death; Shakira pays tribute to indie; Muse gets a little help from the Edge for “Where the Streets Have No Name.” The Pet Shop Boys singing “Viva La Vida” while wearing crowns may be the weirdest moment though.

Anyway, videos of all those and more below (all taken from the BBC broadcast). If you find any more Glasto 2010 covers, post a link in the comments!
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Jun 142010

Another Bonnaroo has come and gone and all we have to remember it by are the videos. The advantage of a mandatory camping fest is that people don’t upload their unlistenable five-pixel cell phone videos until after the end, so most of the videos that hit YouTube this weekend were professionally filmed. Lots of covers performed. Here’s a roundup of some of the best. Julia Nune’s medley of songs she hates is a must-see. Continue reading »