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Jun 102011

You know the story by now. Rave On Buddy Holly drops later this month and the label has been releasing a steady stream of preview tracks for weeks now. Well, here are two more.

First, She & Him deliver a by-the-books cover of “Oh Boy.” The duet angle adds a little beachy vibe, but otherwise it’s not a huge departure (via Stereogum). Fiona Apple and Jon Brion’s version of “Everyday,” on the other hand, offers a quiet acoustic breath of fresh open air. The simple melody shines through with quiet strumming and xylophone.

Check out both tracks below. Here are links to all the previously released songs:
The Black Keys cover “Dearest”
Modest Mouse covers “That’ll Be the Day”
Cee-Lo Green covers “You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care)”
Paul McCartney covers “It’s So Easy”
Julian Casablancas covers “Rave On”
Florence and the Machine covers “Not Fade Away”
My Morning Jacket covers “True Love Ways”

She & Him – Oh Boy (Buddy Holly cover)

Fiona Apple and Jon Brion – Everyday (Buddy Holly cover)

Rave On Buddy Holly drops June 28th.

Jun 032011

Rave On Buddy Holly drops at the end of the month, but we already have our seventh track to listen to. It’s My Morning Jacket covering “True Love Ways,” and you can check it out below (via SPIN). Jim James brings his most country croon to this simple acoustic ballad as lush strings swirl around him. Continue reading »

May 312011

Only a month remains until the release of the much-anticipated Rave on Buddy Holly, a cover album that boasts contributions from a stunningly high-profile lineup of artists including Paul McCartney, The Black Keys, Cee-Lo Green, and Julian Casablancas. A few tracks have already surfaced and now the offering from cover enthusiasts Florence and the Machine arrives. Continue reading »

May 162011

The people behind the upcoming Rave On Buddy Holly tribute album sure know how to generate buzz. One by one they leak tracks off the stunning 19-song tracklist. We’ve already heard Modest Mouse, Cee-Lo Green, and the Black Keys’ contributions (here and here). Now we present two more, bringing the total of full-song previews to five. And there’s still a month to go! Continue reading »

May 092011


You’ve heard about the upcoming tribute album and listened to the Black Keys’ cover of “Dearest,” now another song from Rave On Buddy Holly has surfaced. On her KCRW show this past weekend, DJ Liza Richardson gave us a sneak peek at Modest Mouse‘s version of “That’ll Be The Day.” Continue reading »