Sep 082022
pure bathing culture covers r.e.m.

Pure Bathing Culture is an indie-pop band from Portland. It has been a while since the Pitchfork-praised duo has released anything, but they just dropped a cover of R.E.M.’s “Nightswimming,” recorded in a home studio by members Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman. Continue reading »

Sep 072022
Moses Sumney

Ghanaian-American singer Moses Sumney knows his way around a good (and obscure) cover. His covers have made it onto multiple of our Best of Month lists and his cover of Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman” onto our Best Covers of 2015 list. Sumney has a new concert film coming out called A Performance in V Acts. He’s chosen “Come to Me” for one of the pieces and it’s kind of incredible. Continue reading »

Sep 022022

Full Albums features covers of every track off a classic album. Got an idea for a future pick? Leave a note in the comments!


The album Pearl saw Janis Joplin working with a strong set of songs, a tight band in Full Tilt Boogie, and a simpatico producer in Paul Rothchild. She may not have known she was making a masterpiece, but there was no disguising how well the sessions were going. They came to the most abrupt end possible, however, on October 4th, 1970, when Joplin died of a heroin overdose at the age of 27. A few months later, Pearl was released, and while her death couldn’t help but overshadow it, over the years that shadow has receded. More than just a final statement, it sealed Joplin’s place as the best female singer of blues and rock ‘n’ roll of her era, and in “Me and Bobby McGee” it contained her signature song, one that still feels good to hear on the radio.
Continue reading »

Sep 012022
Parker Graye Avril Lavigne Complicated

Parker Graye is a singer-songwriter from Nashville by way of British Columbia. She’s released a number of original singles in recent years, part of her self-described mission to “make country music sad again.” Clunky political references aside, Graye’s aims have been funneled towards her latest, and biggest, release from last Friday: a country cover of “Complicated,” the 2002 hit from emo-rock icon (& fellow Sad Canadian) Avril Lavigne. Continue reading »

Aug 312022
Eddie Vedder – Long Shadow (Joe Strummer cover)

This month, Joe Strummer would have turned 70. In a few weeks, Dark Horse Records will release the compilation Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years. To promote it, director Lance Bangs filmed a video of Eddie Vedder covering the posthumously-released Mescaleros track “Long Shadow.” It’s a simple fireside performance, similar to Vedder buddy Neil Young’s lockdown videos, and hopefully will bring more attention to a lesser known non-Clash track from the Strummer catalog. Continue reading »

Aug 312022
catbite everybody talks

Catbite is a rockin’ four-piece ska band from Philadelphia whose influences include The Selectors, The Specials, Elvis Costello, and many more. In their new cover, they tackle one of the recent pop-rock hitmakers Neon Trees’ most popular tunes, “Everybody Talks.”

While the original high-charting power pop song is gleeful, this version is more forward in showcasing how sinister sweet-talking) can be. This cover almost gives us 60’s vibes with all of its lush vocal oo’s and ah’s layered in the background. The driving talking guitars on the offbeats and bright yet boisterous drums make this version likable at first blush.

But as the tune continues, it gets grittier and grittier. What once was an upbeat pop song turned into a dirty tune full of yell-singing, a crepe-cake of guitars, and even a touch of organ. It adds up to something sassy, energetic, and dance-worthy. Check it out below.

For more Neon Trees covers, a href=””>head here