May 122022
pearl jam cold day in the sun

A few days ago at a show in Los Angeles, Pearl Jam covered the Foo Fighters in a tribute to Taylor Hawkin’s passing. They picked a relative deep cut too: “Cold Day in the Sun” is a classic-rock feeling song from the Foo Fighters album In Your Honor. In the original, which he wrote, drummer Hawkins took the lead by singing and playing, while Dave Grohl manned the drums.

In this cover, Matt Cameron leads with guitar and vocals. In addition to the full band,  Chad Smith (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) also joins in, adding in a bit of tambourine. The brightness of the lead guitar almost gives this cover a southern flair, while Cameron keeps his vocal timbre eerily similar to Hawkin’s own tone. The richness of the song really begins to shine in the chorus, when new vocal harmonies are added in. However, the drumbeat and instrumentation have been kept nearly identical to the original. Continue reading »

May 112022

Kendall Roy, the most wily of the Roy progeny featured on HBO’s Succession, has been in the music game for a few years now. Played with disquieting intensity by Jeremy Strong, Kendall made his musical performing debut on the show’s second season with a hip-hop tribute to his father, Waystar Royco chair Logan Roy, on the stage of a particularly epic/off-the-rails company shareholder meeting. (Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds.) Now, with the belated release of Succession’s Season 3 soundtrack, we have another musical nugget from the show to share: Kendall Roy’s live cover of Billy Joel’s “Honesty.” Continue reading »

May 102022
the lumineers just like heaven cover

Folk rockers The Lumineers have already popped up on Cover Me a few times, covering hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, usually in fairly faithful but stripped down versions. Now they’ve recorded The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” as a bonus track for their latest album for Record Store Day. Continue reading »

May 062022

Five Good Covers presents five cross-genre reinterpretations of an oft-covered song.

Strangers in the Night

SecondHandSongs says that the two most-covered songs written in 1966 were by the Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby” and “Here, There and Everywhere.” That’s no surprise. The next two most-covered songs from that year were written by another songwriting team; Burt Bacharach and Hal David came up with “The Look of Love” and “Alfie.” Also no big surprise.

But then comes the fifth-most-covered song of 1966: “Beddy Bye” by Bert Kaempfert. Ring any bells? If not, perhaps you’ll recognize it from the movie it appeared in – the James Garner comedy-thriller A Man Could Get Killed. Still no? Well, at the time it had no lyrics, but once they arrived, and once Frank Sinatra sang them, it became immortal as “Strangers in the Night.”
Continue reading »

May 032022
the mountain goats ska

Last fall, an unlikely song went viral on TikTok: The Mountain Goats’ 2002 gallows-humor anthem “No Children.” The 15-second “No Children” dance trend led to it overtaking “This Year” as their most-streamed song on Spotify, and founding Mountain Goat John Darnielle reported people were starting to come to their shows just to hear that one song.

It’s also led to a spate of “No Children” covers, including a terrific new version from the San Francisco ska band Sad Snack. It is extremely fun and silly, perfect for a song that hipster couples have been using as an extremely unlikely wedding song for years. Watch it below, with Darnielle’s recommendation (he added in another comment: “incredible”). Continue reading »

May 022022
bruce hornsby too much monkey business

I’ll confess when this cover came across my desk, I had only heard The Beatles‘ cover of Chuck Berry‘s ‘Too Much Monkey Business’, and presumed that singer-songwriter Bruce Hornsby’s cover would be of a similar vein. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading »