May 032022
the mountain goats ska

Last fall, an unlikely song went viral on TikTok: The Mountain Goats’ 2002 gallows-humor anthem “No Children.” The 15-second “No Children” dance trend led to it overtaking “This Year” as their most-streamed song on Spotify, and founding Mountain Goat John Darnielle reported people were starting to come to their shows just to hear that one song.

It’s also led to a spate of “No Children” covers, including a terrific new version from the San Francisco ska band Sad Snack. It is extremely fun and silly, perfect for a song that hipster couples have been using as an extremely unlikely wedding song for years. Watch it below, with Darnielle’s recommendation (he added in another comment: “incredible”). Continue reading »

Apr 292022
best cover songs april 2022
Aimee Mann – Brooklyn (Steely Dan cover)

If you missed the whole brouhaha when Steely Dan dropped Aimee Mann as their opening act, it’s too long to recap here. To skip to the end, Mann tweeted, “All is forgiven if Donald [Fagan] just tells me what Brooklyn is about.” And he did! So, at a recent show at City Winery, she covered it. All does indeed appear to be forgiven. Continue reading »

Apr 292022
coheed and cambria love gun

“Love Gun,” the title track to KISS’ 6th album, is not one of their bigger hits but is regarded by lead singer Paul Stanley as one of their signature songs. Like most of KISS’ repertoire, it’s fairly straightforward arena rock with lyrics that don’t leave much to the imagination. But it features a fun, scale-climbing solo by Ace Frehley, some bolero-esque breaks and the bass part practically dances. Continue reading »