May 192022
sofi tukker what a wonderful world

SOFI TUKKER is a rad music duo based out of Florida. Most of their music hovers around the genres of House and EDM, but these two venture over to more gentle waters for a new version of Louis Armstrong’s oft-covered “What a Wonderful World.” It comes stitched with hauntingly light female vocals, and syncopated guitar riffs and, as seen in an Instagram teaser video, a classical guitar with nylon strings played by singer Sophie Hawley-Weld. The delicateness of this instrument is part of what makes this rendition so unique.

The syncopated riff on the classical guitar repeats throughout the song, but we never seem to grow tired of the melody. Similarly, the hip lofi drums have a catchy groove that pulls us in. As the cover goes on, more and more jazz is infused into their sound. Resonant piano stabs come in the beat, and then transform into improv-inspired, jazzy piano. The icing on the cake is Sophie’s trumpet-like scat singing. 

May 182022
olivia rodrigo just a girl

Billboard’s woman of the year, Olivia Rodrigo, is a certified Gwen Stefani fan, and recently performed a banging cover of “Just a Girl” in her concert on May 6 on the Philadelphia Met Stage. Rodrigo met Stefani for the first time at the Met Gala. Before her performance, Olivia said “I got to talk to her (Gwen Stefani) for a while, and she’s just the coolest human in the world. I love her music so much and I wanted to play this song for you guys tonight.” Continue reading »

May 172022
wolf alice sense

For the latest iteration of Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’, English alternative rock band Wolf Alice covered one of Australian rockers King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s more popular tracks “Sense.” The original version came from King Gizzard’s 2015 album Paper Mâché Dream Balloon which was recorded almost entirely with acoustic instruments, leading to a very folksy, 1960s pop style sound.

Wolf Alice bassist Theo Ellis said about their cover, “If you put [the song] in a different style of production and had a modern pop star singing it, I think it would be a chart hit. I think exploring that is one of the funnest aspects of doing this cover.” And indeed, this cover explores the idea. Lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s vocal is clear and crisp, and the catchy groove of the original is maintained. The rest of the band contribute with piano lines and guitar melodies that makes this song feel like it could be a Top 40 hit.


May 162022
gretta ray vienna

It’s a busy week for new Billy Joel covers! On Tuesday we posted about Kendall Roy (yes, the character from Succession) getting an official release for “his” “Honesty” cover. And while that one wasn’t strictly speaking, you know, good – that was kind of the point – this new one is. It’s a version of “Vienna” by Melbourne singer Gretta Ray, expanding on her brief TikTok cover that went viral back in February. Continue reading »

May 122022
pearl jam cold day in the sun

A few days ago at a show in Los Angeles, Pearl Jam covered the Foo Fighters in a tribute to Taylor Hawkin’s passing. They picked a relative deep cut too: “Cold Day in the Sun” is a classic-rock feeling song from the Foo Fighters album In Your Honor. In the original, which he wrote, drummer Hawkins took the lead by singing and playing, while Dave Grohl manned the drums.

In this cover, Matt Cameron leads with guitar and vocals. In addition to the full band,  Chad Smith (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) also joins in, adding in a bit of tambourine. The brightness of the lead guitar almost gives this cover a southern flair, while Cameron keeps his vocal timbre eerily similar to Hawkin’s own tone. The richness of the song really begins to shine in the chorus, when new vocal harmonies are added in. However, the drumbeat and instrumentation have been kept nearly identical to the original. Continue reading »

May 112022

Kendall Roy, the most wily of the Roy progeny featured on HBO’s Succession, has been in the music game for a few years now. Played with disquieting intensity by Jeremy Strong, Kendall made his musical performing debut on the show’s second season with a hip-hop tribute to his father, Waystar Royco chair Logan Roy, on the stage of a particularly epic/off-the-rails company shareholder meeting. (Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds.) Now, with the belated release of Succession’s Season 3 soundtrack, we have another musical nugget from the show to share: Kendall Roy’s live cover of Billy Joel’s “Honesty.” Continue reading »