Jan 112024
babii lovefool cover

The Cardigans will forever be known for “Lovefool” whether or not they are happy about that. It is far and away their biggest hit and most covered song. For most people in the world, it’s probably the only song by The Cardigans they’ll ever hear.

So I imagine it must be nice for the band, and for the rest of us when someone takes an unusual approach to this song that was so ubiquitous in 1997. And UK electropop artist BABii is apparently the person for that. She spent her holidays making this cover so she could released it on New Year’s Day. Continue reading »

Oct 112023
marissa nadler whispering pines cover

Prolific singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler has a long history of covers, releasing three all-covers albums in the last six years and contributing to our best tribute album of 2022. She has a knack for releasing distinctive takes on less well-known songs.

“Whispering Pines” is a bit of a deep cut from The Band‘s self-titled second album. Written by singer Richard Manuel with lyrics by main songwriter Robbie Robertson, this delicate ballad which is slightly atypical for them. But it still gets the odd cover unlike some of the really deep cuts on that record. Continue reading »

Jul 172023

“Salvation” was the lead single from The Cranberries’ third album, To the Faithful Departed. And, at least by chart position, it’s one of their biggest ever hits, topping the US alternative rock chart and somehow beating out “Dreams,” “Linger” and “Zombie” on the UK charts. (Of those songs, only “Zombie” topped the US alternative rock chart as well.) But it’s not as well known now, with way fewer streams and relatively few covers. Continue reading »

Jun 052023
king hannah like a prayer cover

We last encountered gothy alternative Liverpudlian duo King Hannah on their jammy cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “State Trooper,” which we named the 41st Best Cover of 2021. Well, they’re back with another curveball cover of an even more iconic song. Scratch that. They’re back with two versions of a cover of an even more iconic song. Because why record one version of your cover of Madonna‘s”Like a Prayer” when you can record two? Continue reading »

Jan 252023
maple glider you're still the one cover

“You’re Still the One” is probably Shania Twain’s most covered song though it’s not her absolute biggest hit. That likely has something to do with how classic the melody seems. And the song seems to attract a certain type of performer and performance. Only a few months ago, we were talking about one stripped-down version of this ballad. And now we’ve got another one for you.

Maple Glider is the pseudonym for Australia’s Tori Zietsch, who released her debut album in 2021. On her new version, Zietsch starts out with a subdued, sedate approach. There are actually more instruments here – drums, bass, organ, backing vocals, one or more guitars – than it sounds like at first, but the song has that stripped-down feel because of the mix and aesthetic. Zietch’s voice is right up front and more than once everything but her voice and her guitar drop out. Continue reading »

Jan 202023
admiral pleasant valley sunday cover

“Pleasant Valley Sunday” was The Monkees’ fourth Top 5 US hit and Gold Record in less than a year, helping cement their stardom. But, though it’s heavily associated with the happy-go-lucky, manufactured TV rock band, the lyrics are utterly different than any of their other big hits. Written by the legendary Goffin-King after the couple moved to the suburbs, the lyrics mock suburban life and cast a critical eye on materialism. They contrast with the upbeat music, music upbeat enough to fool listeners into thinking it’s a happy song. Continue reading »