Zac Taylor

Zac Taylor is an independent musician and gonzo journalist living in Brooklyn, NY. With a degree in Journalism from the music hotbed of Athens, GA (UGA), followed by a stint at Berklee College of Music where he served as managing editor of the student newspaper,, Zac keeps busy in the NYC music world as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, and journalist. Visit for more.

Nov 132012

Who is Mike Doughty? The ex-frontman of Soul Coughing? An acoustic singer/songwriter? An acclaimed poet and writer? The latest offering from Mr. Doughty, whoever he may be, is The Flip Is Another Honey, a smattering of cover tunes ranging from John Denver to Cheap Trick to Guys and Dolls. And, as you may expect, Doughty will break some rules. Continue reading »