Scott Hoelzer

Scott Hoelzer is a music enthusiast who also owns and operates In the past year, he has combined his passions for music and photography in his pursuit of concert photography, including photographing such bands as Passion Pit, Mutemath, and The National. Much to the chagrin of some of his friends, he does not hide his opinion, but he is always willing to give something a fair chance. So if you know any up-and-coming artists, feel free to drop him an email.

Mar 242011

Montreal’s Ensemble fits somewhere between the orchestral world and the indie world, carving out beautifully lush songs from guitars, strings, and subtly beautiful vocals. DM Stith fits somewhere between the indie world and the bizarro world, carving out wonderfully intricate and crazy songs from all sorts of wacky instruments.

Based off of those two descriptions, you may guess what this cover is going to sound like. DM Stith takes Ensemble’s gorgeous “Things I Forget” and dips it into a cauldron if weirdness, resulting in a wonderful music experience that is at times chaotic, beautiful, understated, and grandiose. Saxes fly through arpeggios and scales; background vocals create otherworldly soundscapes; a simple drum beat holds it all together. Check it out below. Continue reading »

Mar 172011

Liz Janes has been a staple at iconic indie label Asthmatic Kitty for a while now, crafting beautiful indie melodies influenced by ages past. It seems only appropriate, then, that her songs should get a tribute album from her contemporaries, including several labelmates.

Some artists on Time & Space keep Liz Janes’ songs in familiar territory and others venture so far away you would never even know it was originally her song. The covers range from trippy electronica (Son Lux’s cover of “Desert,” which you can download below), to simple beauty (My Brightest Diamond taking on “Bitty Thing”), to face melting noise (Arrington de Dionyso on “Poison and Snakes”). Check out the tracklist below and go here to listen to the whole thing. Continue reading »

Mar 082011

Robin Pecknold, the front man for the folksy wonders, Fleet Foxes, is quite the indie darling. After releasing a critically acclaimed EP and full length with his band, he went on tour with Joanna Newsom as a solo act, recording a few songs in the process. Now he has an album coming out in May with his band, but that didn’t stop him from releasing a few gems yesterday. Continue reading »

Feb 162011

Wild Nothing burst onto the scene last year with the wonderful Gemini, and lately they’ve been touring in support of it. The album offers lovely, downtempo rock with a heavy emphasis on the atmosphere. Their melodies swoop in over the rest of the music in a way that feels both current and like a throwback to late ’90s dream pop and shoegaze. Given the debt to history, it’s no surprise that they have been taking on Primal Screams “Velocity Girl” during their current tour. Continue reading »

Feb 152011

Record Store Day is April 16 this year, and a few details about various special releases for that day are starting to come out. One arrival is from Bear in Heaven. The Brooklyn trio will release a split 7″ with Norwegian producer Lindstrøm. On their side of the disc, they’ll be covering Lindstrøm & Christabelle’s song “Lovesick,” which they released on Soundcloud for our listening pleasure yesterday. Continue reading »