Riley Haas

Riley is a digital marketing trainer and strategist in Toronto. He obsessively writes and talks about music and once had a classic rock radio show in university. His favourite cover of all time is Uncle Tupelo's version of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog." He's also a movie fan, having seen approximately 4,400 films. You can follow him on Twitter @riley_haas.

Oct 032022
Molly Tuttle

Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” is one of the definitive American psychedelic songs (even though it was released on an album of folk rock). Both the Alice in Wonderland-inspired lyrics and the Latin march feel of the song have also led to its heavy use in film whenever someone is trying to portray mental confusion.

But have you ever wanted to hear a bluegrass version? Continue reading »

Sep 302022
Nilüfer Yanya rid of me cover

The title track to PJ Harvey’s second album, Rid of Me, is powerfully dynamic performance about sexual obsession and empowerment. It’s not one of her most covered, perhaps because of the nature of the lyrics or because few people feel they can match Harvey’s performance.

Nilüfer Yanya, named after Turkish singer Nilüfer, is a British singer-songwriter who just released her second album in March. Reportedly, she hasn’t been able to get “Rid of Me” out of her head since she first her it, so now she’s covered it. (And had her picture taken replicating the album cover, to boot.) Continue reading »

Sep 292022
holy motors superstar cover

Though best known in the version of by The Carpenters, “Superstar” is actually a Delaney & Bonnie song that was performed by Rita Coolidge (the uncredited co-author), Cher and Bette Midler before The Carpenters got their hands on it. But it’s The Carpenters’ version that everyone knows, and their pacing that is definitive. Continue reading »

Sep 212022
Bitter Branches

“50ft Queenie” is the first single from PJ Harvey‘s second album, the aggressive Rid of Me. The song is a raucous parody of male rock singer machismo, appropriating many cliches from loud male rock singers, with Harvey joking about the size of her, um, you know.  A Top 40 hit in the UK, it’s a relatively early example of alternative rock playing with gender stereotypes. Continue reading »

Sep 152022
ibibio sound machine heroes cover

We last encountered UK Afrobeat band Ibibio Sound Machine as part of the podcast I Only Listen to The Mountain Goats, which featured their cover of “Color in Your Cheeks.” Their new cover of “Heroes,” one of David Bowie’s most covered songs, goes in a very different direction than most of the many, many preceding versions. Continue reading »

Sep 122022
brutal youth dare to be stupid

When “Weird Al” Yankovic released his third album, Dare to Be Stupid, in the summer of 1985, few could have guessed he’d become an elder statesmen of music comedy musical comedy. The album’s title track is, like most of his original songs, not very well known. (Though it’s among the most well known of his originals, as it was featured in a movie soundtrack.) It’s a style parody of Devo, which the video makes extremely clear if you don’t get it from the music. Continue reading »