Mike Tobyn

Mike Tobyn is a Scottish Scientist, and lapsed Pharmacist. Brought up, along with Aztec Camera and The Jesus and Mary Chain, in the New Town of East Kilbride he has lived and worked near Liverpool for the past 20 years. He has recently returned to writing about music when he was reminded that the follies of one’s youth need not be abandoned forever, although the golfball type IBM typewriter he used then could be.

Jun 062023
juliana hatfield elo

Multi-instrumentalist Juliana Hatfield’s eclectic indie career frequently, pleasingly, takes in cover versions. Adept changes of tone feature in her full-album tributes to The Police and Olivia Newton-John, which received good reviews here. Her ongoing efforts capture the musical influences, on her music and moods, of her formative years. In the latest installment, Hatfield showcases the Electric Light Orchestra’s (ELO‘s) canon in her new project, a self-described “labour of love.” A new single release is the first fruit of that work, “Don’t Bring Me Down.” Continue reading »

May 262023
sam ryder

UK TikTok hero Sam Ryder has a new song out, “Mountain”, which he showcased during triumphant return to Eurovision, where, accompanied by a cameo from Queen’s Roger Taylor, he achieved an unexpected British 2nd place. To promote “Mountain,” Ryder recently appeared on Chris Evans’ radio show, and included an acoustic version of his previous single, a cover of “You’ve Got the Love.”

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