Marco Ovies

Marco is from Vancouver, B.C. and he is a contributor at EARMILK and The Peak. During the time he is not writing, Marco is out eating, going for hikes to burn off all those calories he just ate, and then eating some more. His favourite genre of music is alternative/indie but he believes that there is no such thing as “bad music.” Connect with Marco on Instagram or Twitter.

Aug 052019
jacob collier moon river

The first few seconds of singer and composer Jacob Collier’s cover of “Moon River” will leave listeners lost in a sea of harmonies. He enlisted over 140 collaborators in all, including Chris Martin, David Crosby, Charlie Puth, Ty Dolla $ign, and Hans Zimmer. If that wasn’t enough, Collier added over 5,000 (!) of his own vocal tracks.

The beautiful “oohs” of each collaborator blend perfectly together to create something truly special. Each second adds another harmony making each listen to the song different than the last depending on which harmony you follow. Normally this much harmony would be overwhelming, but Collier manages its perfectly truly showing off his musical prowess. The entirety of the song is a capella, but upon first listen it feels like a full orchestra is performing. Continue reading »

Jul 262019
elohim flagpole sitta

Los Angeles artist and producer Elohim just released the music video for their rendition of Harvey Danger’s 1997 classic “Flagpole Sitta” in collaboration with current alt-rock giants AWOLNATION. They take the classic indie-rock vibe and replace it with a laid-back tune that could belong in a piano bar (if that piano bar had a drum machine). The black and white video also reflects this lax nature, reminiscent of an old family home video.

“Aaron and I both grew up close to Malibu” said Elohim. “It was special to film on film in a place that means so much to both of us. To me this video is nostalgic and a perfect representation of California summer dreams. I hope that it will transport you to that beautiful carefree place.” Continue reading »

Jul 242019
daughter poke cover

Daughter reveals their rendition of “Poke,” the latest release from Frightened Rabbit’s 10th anniversary album Tiny Changes. This version is a darker take on the original’s acoustic, moving towards the sound Daughter has always championed. The band trades in the acoustic guitar for fluttery piano chords, warm synths, and a heavy-hitting base line. Continue reading »