Mara Beckman

Comfortably situated in Los Angeles since 2010 when she graduated from college, Mara Beckman is a freelance music writer, short story writer, and all-around classy lady. In addition to writing for Cover Me, Mara runs a tumblr, which details one album she buys each Tuesday. Outside of music, and her very committed love for the Jesus & Mary Chain, Mara really likes Science Friday, and recommends you check it out sometime when you have one free hour. Follow her Tumblr.

Sep 142012

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart released a cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Jeremy”, part of a 7” with a companion cover, “My Life is Wrong” by East River Pipe. Peggy Wang, vocalist and keyboard player for the New York indie band, released a lengthy, personal and articulate post on the band’s tumblr, affording fans a personal explanation for the cover. Wang writes, “The Magnetic Fields might have been the last band I ever unconditionally loved without ever stopping to try to understand why – just the kind of love story I hoped to one day live through.” Continue reading »

Sep 052012

Back Track reexamines an old cover that deserves a new spotlight.

In 1983 X released More Fun in the New World, which became the fourth consecutive album to garner critical praise, and no doubt helped solidify their status as L.A. punk legends. More Fun was crisper than their previous albums, but no less raw and passionate. John Doe and Exene Cervenka still wrote their lyrics as if they were simply writing poems, and while there were more elements of pop to this album, the band’s punk and rockabilly roots held a presence. Continue reading »

Aug 212012

The Desaparecidos are currently on tour with the remaining dates focusing on the west coast where they will eventually playing FYF Fest. If you aren’t familiar with the band, this is yet another project of Conor Oberst’s, who is most notably known for Bright Eyes. However, consider this band an antithesis of that– it’s far less confessional and more focused on creating energy reminiscent of post-hardcore sounds. The band began their tour in Minneapolis, where someone managed to tape a decent video of the band covering “Spanish Bombs” by The Clash for their first encore song. Continue reading »

Jul 302012

Upon learning about The Darkness covering Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from The Bends, one thing immediately came to mind: two genres that have no business being anywhere near each other. Let’s look at the parts. On one side there’s Radiohead, appealing to the abstract doom-and-gloom in us all as we battle our objections to capitalism and think about dying. Completely contrary to that is The Darkness. (You do remember them, right? They believe in a thing called love. And they’re releasing a comeback album.) They’re primarily about having fun, most likely never once thinking about globalization. And, usually, never the twain shall meet. Continue reading »