Danny Levin

Danny is currently a junior at the University of Houston-Downtown, majoring in Professional Writing. His love for music blossomed at an early age as he remembers listening to The Allman Brothers' Live at Fillmore East in the backseat of his father's car. Over the years his passion for music and writing has morphed into a desire to some day work for a record label or music website. He loves discovering new artists via the Internet, specifically YouTube, and introducing them to anybody who is willing to listen. He can be found songwriting, loving life, and on twitter (@dlevin312).

Mar 032011

What do you get when two up-and-coming artists channel the soulful grit of our generation’s version of early ‘60s Soul/R&B music? To find out, look no further than Young the Giant and Mike Posner and their drastically differing takes on Adele’s latest single, “Rolling In the Deep.” Continue reading »